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Translation engineering

You know what you need - we know how you can get it

What we do is as particular as your requirements are. We are equally at home with every EU language and with many other languages of the world, which enables us to make you an offer that’s right for you.

Atrado uses translation memory software, a type of language database that helps save you time and money. This tool is used on a customer-specific basis, to filter out from your projects specific words and sentences that we have already translated in other documents. This means that our system can check whether there are sizeable concordances in your existing texts. If there is, there's no need for the translator to translate every sentence - which helps save time and money and improve quality. Translation memory is especially useful in translations where elements are repeated, i.e. revised  manuals, packaging inserts, business and payment terms etc.

You have the choice

If you want, Atrado can talk to you about the potential use of such a database prior to translation. This means that we can offer you attractive price reductions, because you don’t have to pay twice for translating identical sentences. Furthermore Atrado is SDL Trados-certified by the manufacturer.

You can entrust all your complex language services requirements to Atrado - your experienced communication and documentation partner. We will use commitment and quality to ensure you get the best solution - you can rely on it!

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